The Citadel Alumni Association’s Sword Legacy Program is a way to create a link between members of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets and members of the Long Grey Line. The program was established in response to many alumni reaching out to various campus departments, including The Association, asking if they needed a sword.

Swords donated to the program by alumni will be used for a variety of purposes, including being carried by current sword-bearing cadets, Junior Sword Arch, historical display and other projects The Association creates. Every year, sword donors, or their immediate families, will receive an update on their sword including who is carrying it or what programs it is being used in. As swords are collected, an online database will also share up-to-date information on each sword.

Those donating swords can request a preferred cadet, company or cadet organization for the sword to be used by. 

If you’re ready to donate your sword to the program, please download, complete and include this document with your sword.

Swords can be shipped (UPS or FedEx) to:

The Citadel Alumni Association
69 Hagood Ave
Charleston, SC  29403

Or sent vis USPS to:

The Citadel Alumni Association
171 Moultrie St
Charleston, SC  29409

For more information, contact Shamus Gillen or Tom McAlister in the CAA office.