The “Young Alumnus of the Year” award recognizes an outstanding achievement, act of humanity, heroic effort, or service to the Nation, City, State or an organization. The action(s) or achievement(s) may be career oriented for special recognition in their field of work or a significant personal achievement within their field. The act(s) of service or humanity must be significant, extraordinary and beyond those normally expected from and individual with similar duties. The award may be based on a single achievement/act or a combination of many. This award is intended to recognize current achievements or acts rather than cumulative performance over many years. Current for the purposes of this award is within the immediate or prior year. Most importantly, this action or achievement must bring honor and credit to the individual(s) awarded and represent The Citadel and its Core Values of Honor, Duty, and Respect in their private and professional life.

Any Alumnus/Alumna of the Corps of Cadets, Active Duty, Veteran, or CGC who is within 15 years of their graduation or age 45, whichever comes first, is eligible to receive this award. Furthermore, the candidate must be a member in good standing of The CAA at the time they are nominated for the award. No individual may receive the award more than once. Furthermore, this award should stand alone and may not be combined with the Alumnus of the Year award.

This award is presented to recipients at an event held by The CAA during Homecoming Week and recognized in the Alumni News.

Nominations for this award shall include detailed and specific information on each of the above criteria.

Recipient (Class)Year Presented
J. Channing Proctor, 19912006
Matthew J. Kutilek, ’012007
J. Kevin Jarrard, ’952008
R. Eugene Hindman III, 19952009
Brian Brennan2010
Daniel E. Johnson, 19932011
Tevan O. Green, 20002012
Andre M. Roberts, 20102013
Nancy Mace, 20002014
William B. Norris, 2010 2015 
Ryan L. Birkelbach, 20052019
Gerald W. Ratchford, 20112020
Matthew M. Breen, 20132021
Grant N. Miller, 20182022
Alison H. Anderson, 20112023