This award will be used to recognize a Citadel Small Club of the Year whose work is significant, extraordinary and beyond that normally expected from other clubs for the period 1 July of the preceding year through 30 June of the current year.  The nominees for Citadel Small Club of the Year must meet the following criteria:

  • A “small club” must have a minimum of 5 active members and a maximum of 20 active members during the preceding year. Active members are defined as members who meet the eligibility requirements to be members of The Citadel Alumni Association.
  • Small clubs must have a minimum of 4 business meetings a year. In addition, a minimum of 50% their active members must attend each meeting.
  • Small clubs must meet the current Gold Star Club requirements and submit a Gold Star club report for consideration. However, a small club can conduct events jointly with another club (e.g. Muster, cadet function, etc.). The small club would have to attend the function with a minimum of 50% of its active members to receive Gold Star credit.
Club NameYear Awarded
Pee Dee Citadel Club2017
Greater Greenwood Citadel Club2019
Colleton County Citadel Club2020
The Houston Citadel Club2021
Pittsburgh Citadel Club2022
San Antonio Citadel Club2023