This award will be used to recognize a Citadel Small Club of the Year whose work is significant, extraordinary and beyond that normally expected from other clubs for the period 1 July of the preceding year through 30 June of the current year.  The nominees for Citadel Small Club of the Year must meet the following criteria:

  • A “small club” must have a minimum of 5 active members and a maximum of 15 active members during the preceding year. Active members are defined as members who meet the eligibility requirements to be members of The Citadel Alumni Association.
  • Small clubs must have a minimum of 4 business meetings a year. In addition, a minimum of 50% their active members must attend each meeting.
  • Small clubs must meet the current Gold Star Club requirements and submit a Gold Star club report for consideration. However, a small club can conduct events jointly with another club (e.g. Muster, cadet function, etc.). The small club would have to attend the function with a minimum of 50% of its active members to receive Gold Star credit.
Club NameYear Awarded
Pee Dee Citadel Club2017
Greater Greenwood Citadel Club2019
Colleton County Citadel Club2020
The Houston Citadel Club2021
Pittsburgh Citadel Club2022