1. Support the education and development of principled leaders at all student levels
    1. Annual Financial Support & CAA Scholarship Funding
    2. Expand support of The Citadel Alumni Recruiters
    3. Recruiting Initiative to include diversity on the CAA Board
    4. Build upon The Citadel Alumni Network within corporations & companies with a regional presence to assist in The Citadel’s mission
  2. Enhance the learning environment through academic programs of distinction and student success services.
    1. Provide internships & mentoring supported by The Citadel’s Alumni Network
    2. Enhanced coordination with The Citadel’s Career Center to encourage greater alumni participation at job fairs, provide networking support for cadets seeking jobs after graduation as well as later in their careers.
    3. Provide the focal point for The Citadel to access Alumni speakers for classes
  3. Increase CAA Membership & participation
    1. Continue to improve communications with the Corps of Cadets focusing on the Jr & Sr Classes
    2. Develop communication channels dedicated to non-cadet undergraduates and graduate students
    3. Continue to communicate effectively with The Citadel Alumni Network
    4. Develop and promote ways to increase alumni participation in local Citadel Clubs and events.
  4. Enhance the region’s social, educational and economic development through meaningful community and corporate collaborations. Establish relationships with The Citadel’s Mentors Association to further assist in this initiative.
  5. Maintain & strengthen the CAA strong balance sheet
    1. Monitor investments & regularly review investment strategies
    2. Maximize facility rentals
    3. Continue to maintain & improve the CAA Facilities
  6. To foster, perpetuate, and preserve the history, memories, values and traditions of The Citadel.