Class Year Alumnus Name Rank Service Comments
1847 Hagood, Johnson Brigadier General CSA
1849 Villepigue, John Bordenave Brigadier General CSA
1850 Robertson, James W. Major General GA State Militia CSA Veteran, TAG of GA
1853 Winsmith, John Christopher Brigadier General SC State Militia CSA Veteran
1854 Coward, Asbury Brigadier General SCM CSA Veteran
1854 Jenkins, Micah J. Brigadier General CSA
1856 Law, Evander McIver Brigadier General CSA
1857 Bowles, Pinckney Downie Brigadier General CSA
1857 Capers, Ellison Brigadier General CSA
1859 Huguenin, Thomas A. Brigadier General SCM CSA Veteran
1861 Walker, C. Irvine Brigadier General SCM CSA Veteran
1864 Anderson, John Crawford Brigadier General SCM CSA Veteran
1864 Dennis, Edward James Brigadier General SCM
1864 Robertson, Frederick L. Brigadier General FL State Militia CSA Veteran
1868 Jones, Johnstone Brigadier General NC State Guard CSA Veteran, TAG of NC
1886 Anderson, Edward Brigadier General SCM
1888 Moore, William Woodbury Major General SCARNG TAG of SC
1895 Allison, James B. Major General USA
1895 Harllee, William Curry Brigadier General USMC
1896 Croft, Edward Major General USA Chief of Inf
1899 Springs, Holmes B. Brigadier General AUS
1905 Craig, Robert Eli Brigadier General SCARNG TAG of SC
1907 Kennedy, John T. Brigadier General USA
1908 Logan, James Alexander Commodore USN
1911 Legge, Barnwell R. Brigadier General USA
1911 Lester, James A. Major General USA
1911 Pickett, Harry K. Major General USMC
1911 Witsell, Edward Fuller Major General USA
1911 Woodberry, John Henry Brigadier General USA
1912 Walsh, Roland F. Brigadier General USA
1913 Arthur, John M. Brigadier General USMC His brother was Class of 1921
1914 Hipp, T. Earley Rear Admiral USN
1915 Alexander, Thomas L. Brigadier General Georgia ARNG
1915 Wallace, William C. Commodore USN
1916 James, William Capers Brigadier General USMC
1916 Moore, James Tillinghast Lieutenant General USMC
1917 Merritt, Lewie G. Major General USMC
1917 Moriarty, James F. Brigadier General USMC
1917 Ross, David Marshall Ney Brigadier General USA
1918 McKittrick, William L. Major General USMC
1919 Rugheimer, Edgar W. Brigadier General SCARNG
1919 Whitelaw, John L. Brigadier General USA
1920 Brown, Wyburn Dwight Brigadier General USA
1920 Gross, Mervin Eugene Brigadier General USA
1920 Stewart, LeRoy Judson Brigadier General USA
1921 Arthur, Harry M. Major General SCARNG Brother was class of 1913
1921 Brice, William R. General USMC
1921 Mood, Orlando C. Major General USA
1921 Pollock, Edwin A. General USMC
1922 Austin, Bernard Lige Vice Admiral USN
1922 Mayfield, Thomas Murray Major General USAR
1923 Monteith, Colin S. Brigadier General SCARNG Brother was class of 1934
1926 Barksdale, William E. Brigadier General USA
1926 Bender, Arthur H. Brigadier General USA
1926 McFarland, Thomas G. Brigadier General USMC
1927 Kershaw, Theodore G. Brigadier General USAF
1927 McCrae, James L. Brigadier General SCARNG
1929 An, Li-Sui Brigadier General Chinese Nationalist
1929 Griffin, Samuel Marvin Brigadier General Georgia ARNG Governor of Georgia
1929 King, Richard T. Brigadier General USAF
1929 Tison, James C. Rear Admiral USCG
1929 Tu, Wen Jo Major General Chinese Nationalist
1930 Bull, John C. Rear Admiral USN
1930 Harris, Benjamin Thomas Brigadier General AUS
1930 Rogers, Francis Drake Brigadier General USA
1930 Tseng, Ching-Chi Major General Chinese Nationalist
1930 Wong, Fong Lee Major General Chinese Nationalist
1932 Duckett, James W. Major General SCM
1932 Masters, James Marvin Lieutenant General USMC
1932 Stevens, John DuVal Brigadier General USA
1933 Jennings, Larkin H. Brigadier General SCARNG
1934 Anderson, Wallace E. Major General SCM
1934 Blitch, John D. Rear Admiral USN
1934 Ching, Tang Tieh Brigadier General Chinese Nationalist
1934 Masters, John Hillary Major General USMC
1934 Monteith, Walter S. Brigadier General SCARNG Brother was class of 1923
1935 McDonald, James E. Brigadier General USA
1935 McMillan, Hoyt Brigadier General USMC
1935 Pope, Thomas Harrington Brigadier General SCARNG
1935 Westmoreland, William C. General USA
1936 Leonard, Allan L. Brigadier General USA
1936 Price, William H. Brigadier General USA
1937 Dolvin, Welborn Griffin Lieutenant General USA
1937 Vann, Walter McRae Major General USA
1938 Broadhurst, Edwin B. Lieutenant General USAF
1938 Girard, Charles J. Brigadier General USA
1939 Jackson, Charles A. Brigadier General USA
1939 Kenan, Thomas A. Major General USA
1939 Thorne, Thomas Jackson Major General AUS
1939 Wallace, John Braxton Brigadier General USAF
1940 Evans, Andrew Julius Major General USAF
1941 Armstrong, DeWitt Clinton Brigadier General USA
1941 Irwin, Clarence Blackwelder Brigadier General Georgia ARNG
1941 Reid, Samuel L. Major General USA
1941 Rushing, B. Lewis Brigadier General USAR
1941 Schilling, Charles H. Brigadier General USA
1942 Astumian, Raymond Brigadier General USAR
1942 Grimsley, James Alexander Major General USA
1942 Seignious, George M. Lieutenant General USA
1942 Young, George Haywood Brigadier General USA
1943 Beckington, Herbert L. Lieutenant General USMC
1943 Brandenburg, William H. Brigadier General USA
1943 Heiser, Joseph M. Lieutenant General USA
1943 Ingram, William Emmett Major General NCARNG
1943 Savedge, Oscar Eugene Brigadier General SCSG
1943 Tenhet, Joseph N. Brigadier General USA
1943 West, Charles J. Brigadier General USAR
1943 Williams, Coleman Osborne Brigadier General USAF
1944 Langille, Justin Edward Rear Admiral USN
1945 Sudderth, David H. Brigadier General USA
1946 Pitts, John Emmett Brigadier General USAF
1946 Rippetoe, David E. Brigadier General USAF
1946 Stone, Paul Sinclair Brigadier General GAANG
1946 Vaught, James Benjamin Lieutenant General USA
1947 Tankersley, Will Hill Major General USAR
1949 Graham, Irwin Patton Major General USAF
1949 LeTellier, Carroll Nance Major General USA
1949 Pinckney, Thomas Cotesworth General USAF
1950 Copeland, William L. Major General USAF
1950 Hoff, Wilford Joseph Brigadier General USA
1950 Scarborough, Robert B. Brigadier General SCSG
1950 Taylor, William Allen Brigadier General SCARNG
1950 Wilson, John Andrew Major General WVANG
1950 Zobel, William M. Rear Admiral USN
1951 Cooper, William Ewing Major General USA
1951 Rosenblum, Donald Edward Lieutenant General USA
1951 Smith, John Allen Brigadier General USA
1952 Adams, Floyd Cecil Brigadier General USA
1952 Bradford, Ralph E. Major General SCANG
1952 Gibler, John Kenton Brigadier General AL State Defense Force
1953 Lax, Joseph O. Brigadier General USA
1954 Ball, Thomas P. Major General USAF
1954 Hecker, Guy Leonard Major General USAF
1954 MacMillan, Richard H. Major General USAR
1955 Cochrane, Jerry Wilson Major General NCANG
1955 Melvin, James A. Brigadier General NCANG
1955 Meyer, Richard Leo Brigadier General USAF
1955 Turner, Gary Lane Brigadier General USA
1957 DuRant, Henry Lide Brigadier General SCSG
1957 Kammer, Herman C. Major General USA
1957 Rogers, Francis Drake Brigadier General SCANG
1958 Farris, Jack Brodie. Lieutenant General USA
1958 Watts, Claudius Elmer Lieutenant General USAF
1958 Zeltman, Ronald W. Brigadier General USA
1959 Blandford, John Lloyd Brigadier General USA
1959 Hurteau, Joseph Coleman Brigadier General USAR
1959 Poole, Roger Clifton Brigadier General AUS
1959 Shuler, Ellie Givan Lieutenant General USAF
1959 Waudby, Robert Hugh George Major General USAR
1960 Canady, Joseph L. Brigadier General NCANG
1960 Dishner, Jimmy Gordon Brigadier General USAFR
1960 Fields, Harold Thomas Lieutenant General USA
1960 King, Robert N. Major General SCSG
1960 Pearson, Leroy A. Brigadier General SCSG
1960 Schiller, Harvey Wallace Brigadier General USAF
1960 Wakefield, Samuel N. Lieutenant General USA
1960 Webb, Walter E. Major General USAF
1961 Andy, Leo Leonard Major General TN State Guard
1961 Cavezza, Carmen James Lieutenant General USA
1961 de la Vergne, David Paul Major General USAR
1961 Goldsmith, George W. Major General USAR
1961 Koger, Herbert Major General USAR
1962 Baiden, Arthur Hamilton Major General USAR
1962 Lofink, William J. Brigadier General PAANG
1962 Love, Miller L. Brigadier General USAR
1963 Baratto, David J. Major General USA
1963 Hartzog, William White General USA
1963 Hongstong, Chokechai General Royal Thai Army
1963 Mace, James Emory Brigadier General USA
1963 Messervy, Thomas Walker Brigadier General SCARNG
1963 Thiengtham, Charoensak Lieutenant General Royal Thai Army
1963 Ward, James Carl Brigadier General USAFR
1963 Wishart, Francis Eli Major General SCSG
1964 Bohn, Bruce J. Brigadier General USAF
1964 Martin, Clark William Major General USAF
1964 Robb, Nathaniel Heyward Major General NCARNG TAG of NC
1964 Siegling, Henry I. Major General USA
1965 Cockey, Robert M. Brigadier General GUAM ANG TAG of Guam
1965 Grimball, John Berkley Major General SC State Defense Force
1965 Jackson, Richard Furman Brigadier General SCSG
1965 Kerr, Robert Dennis Brigadier General USA
1965 Krumwiede, David H. Brigadier General SCSG
1965 Lesley, Harry Michael Brigadier General SCANG
1965 MacLane, Bruce William Major General GAANG
1966 Campbell, Frank B. Lieutenant General USAF
1966 Libutti, Frank C. Lieutenant General USMC
1966 Miller, Henry S. Brigadier General USA
1967 Black, Gerald Ashby Brigadier General USAFR
1967 Bozeman, Michael Lewis Brigadier General USAR
1967 Brockman, Ernest Decatur Brigadier General NCARNG
1967 Dickinson, Thomas Raymond Brigadier General USA
1967 Gray, George A. Brigadier General USAF
1967 Sams, John Bonum Lieutenant General USAF
1967 Steele, William Michael Lieutenant General USA
1967 Tangney, William P. Lieutenant General USA
1968 Atkinson, John C. Major General NCARNG
1968 Barrett, Michael Baker Brigadier General USAR
1968 Burdett, Norman Bruce Brigadier General USAR
1968 Green, Jimmy Lee Brigadier General SCMD
1968 Iamsa-Ard, Weerachai I. General Royal Thai Armed Forces
1968 Mabry, Buford Stuckey Brigadier General SCARNG
1968 Seay, Richard Terrell Brigadier General SCSG
1968 Sipe, Nicholas P. Brigadier General SCARNG
1968 Smith, William F. Brigadier General SCARNG
1968 Suksomsathan, Kitti Lieutenant General Royal Thai Armed Forces
1968 Whaley, Wallace William Major General USAFR
1968 Witt, Buford Randolph Brigadier General USAF
1969 Arnan, Van General Royal Thai Armed Forces
1969 Costello, John Lieutenant General USA
1969 Garrett, Joseph G. Major General USA
1969 Intraraprasart, Somboon Major General Royal Thai Armed Forces
1969 Parks, Garry Lee Lieutenant General USMC
1969 Wyman, Arthur Henry Major General VA ARNG
1970 Axson, Harry Bruner Brigadier General USA
1970 Bowra, Kenneth Rhodes Major General USA
1970 Nunbhakdi, Sorasan Major General Royal Thai Armed Forces
1971 Boonrod, Suchin General Royal Thai Armed Forces
1971 Hagan, Emory Jackson Brigadier General CA State Military Reserve
1971 Kondratiuk, Leonid E. Brigadier General MA Org. Militia
1971 Lockemy, James Edward Major General SCSG
1971 Momeier, Walter W. Brigadier General SCSG
1971 Ratanavanich, Lertrat General Royal Thai Armed Forces
1971 Tant, Hugh Banks Brigadier General USA
1972 Broadwater, Colby M. Lieutenant General USA
1972 McDermott, Michael Joseph Brigadier General SCSG
1972 McNeill, John F. Brigadier General USAR
1972 Nuttall, Arthur Carl Brigadier General USAR
1973 Brandenburg, William H. Major General USA Father Class of 1943
1973 Juskowiak, Terry E. Major General USA
1973 Rosa, John W. Lieutenant General USAF
1974 Coln, Barry Keith Major General ANG
1974 Kimmons, John F. Lieutenant General USA
1974 Rush, Timothy Ralph Major General SCANG
1974 Williams, Robert M. Major General USA
1975 Sivara, Panumart Major General Royal Thai Armed Forces
1975 Smith, Steven Wade Major General USAR
1976 Aroonsri, Wilas General Royal Thai Army
1976 Regner, Michael Ray Major General USMC
1976 Richardson, Douglas George Brigadier General USAR
1976 Seidel, Rodger Felix Brigadier General USAF
1976 Sriprasert, Dumrong General Royal Thai Army
1976 Sullivan, Timothy Isaac Brigadier General FL ARNG
1976 Thawornchun, Ardsak Major General Royal Thai Armed Forces
1977 Boonpuan, Apisak Air Vice Marshall Royal Thai Air Force
1977 Kilkenny, Joseph F. Rear Admiral USN
1977 Lake, Richard Moody Major General USMC
1977 Rodriguez, William Drane Rear Admiral USN
1977 Yaggi, Ronald D. Brigadier General USAF
1978 Bolger, Daniel P. Lieutenant General USA
1978 Leonard, Richard D. Brigadier General SCSG
1979 Bramhall, Glenn Allan Major General SCARNG
1979 Crosby, William Timothy Major General USA
1979 Ferriter, Michael Lieutenant General USA
1979 LaRiviere, James M. Major General USMCR
1979 McKenzie, Kenneth Franklin General USMC
1979 Nicholson, Lawrence D. Lieutenant General USMC
1979 Polakowski, Lucas N. Major General USAR
1979 Tucker, Christopher M. Brigadier General USA
1979 Walters, Glenn Michael General USMC
1980 Boozer, James C. Major General USA
1980 Brock, Lawrence Wayne Major General USAR
1980 Danielson, Thomas Brigadier General GA State Defense Force
1980 Durante, Gary Gerard Rear Admiral (Lower Half) SCSDF
1980 Lyon, Charles William Major General USAF
1980 Middleton, Richard O. Brigadier General USAFR
1980 Rieth, Glenn Kennedy Major General NJARNG TAG of NJ
1981 Al-Majali, Hussein H. Lieutenant General Jordanian Army
1981 Hudson, Charles Lee Major General USMC
1982 Anakwat, Somnuek General Ministry of Defence, Thailand Office of Permanent Secretary for Defence
1982 Lytle, Robert Kenyon Brigadier General IDARNG
1982 McCarty, Roy Van Major General SCARNG
1982 Penketgorn, Thiwa Lieutenant General Royal Thai Army
1982 Utley, Peter David Major General USA
1982 Vollmecke, Eric W. Major General WVANG
1982 West, Scott Drummond Major General USAF
1983 Cooper, John Barker Lieutenant General USAF
1983 Kelly, Scott L. Brigadier General MD ANG
1983 Turner, Wallace Newman Brigadier General WANG
1984 Black, Wayne L. Brigadier General Indiana NG
1984 Blake, Casey Don Major General USAF
1984 Diskul, Kulchart General Royal Thai Army
1984 Gaiani, Anthony E. Rear Admiral (Lower Half) USN
1984 Vasile, Michael Anthony Brigadier General CT Org. Militia
1985 James, Thomas Sease Lieutenant General USA
1985 Leahy, Timothy James Major General USAF
1986 Evans, Stephen Carl Rear Admiral (Lower Half) USN
1986 Fienga, Edward Andrew Brigadier General USAF
1987 Dotson, Michael Timothy Brigadier General ANG
1987 Jones, Jeffrey Allen Major General SCARNG
1987 Walters, Gregory N. Brigadier General ANG
1988 Deedrick, Edwin John Lieutenant General USA
1988 Palmer, John Taylor Rear Admiral (Lower Half) USN
1988 Swindell, Sean Patrick Major General USA
1989 Beaudette, Francis Michel Lieutenant General USA
1989 Black, Mark Eric Major General USAR
1989 Hopkins, Joseph Aubrey Brigadier General ANG
1989 Maier, John Padraig Brigadier General ARNG
1989 Painter, John Moss Brigadier General USAFR
1989 Stilwell, Robin Bullington Brigadier General ARNG
1989 Todd, Thomas Hiram Lieutenant General USA
1990 Armfield, Robert Gwyn Brigadier General USAF
1990 Brennan, Richard Thomas Rear Admiral (Lower Half) NOAA
1990 Cason, Benjamin Michael Major General USAFR
1990 Durham, Derin Scott Brigadier General USAFR
1990 Palmer, Robert Paul Brigadier General USAFR
1990 Phillips, John Henry Major General USAR
1991 Odom, David Lawrence Major General USMC
1991 Smith, Stephen Gregory Major General USA
1991 Wilson, David Major General USA
1992 Bradfield, Frank Leslie Brigadier General USAFR
1992 Cash, Carey Hall Rear Admiral USN
1992 Tuley, Colin Patric Major General USA
1993 Bullard, Terry Lynn Brigadier General USAF
1993 Poole, Forrest C. Brigadier General USMC
1994 Batts, Gregory W. Major General SCARNG
1994 Brodie, Robert Bruce Brigadier General USMC
1995 Berry, Kevin Michael Brigadier General ARNG
1995 Brown, Edmond Miles Major General USA
1995 Davidson, Hubert Logan Brigadier General ARNG
1995 Jarrard, John Kevin Brigadier General USMCR
1995 Kubu, Justin Andrew Rear Admiral (Lower Half) USN
1995 Linnean, Harold Walter Brigadier General USAF
1995 Samulski, Christopher John Brigadier General ARNG
1997 Gunst, Clifford Ryan Brigadier General USAR
2001 Atwood, Chandler Parrish Brigadier General USAF

All graduates of The Citadel, those who had to leave prior to graduation due to a national emergency, and ex-cadets who have completed their freshman year are eligible for inclusion on the above list. This work by the Alumni Office is ongoing and any updates or corrections are appreciated. The information is the best available at this time. Click here to email an update.