The Alumnus of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding achievement, act of humanity, or service to, the Alumni Association, The Citadel, or the nation, city, state, or an organization.

The action(s) or achievement(s) may be: career oriented, heroic effort, special recognition in their field, work on special significant projects, or other significant personal achievement. The act(s) of service or humanity must be significant, extraordinary and beyond those normally expected from an individual with similar duties. The award may be based on a single achievement/act or a combination of many.

This award is intended to recognize current achievements or acts. Current for the purposes of this award is within the immediate and prior year. This time frame may be expanded if warranted. Most importantly, this action or achievement must bring honor and credit to the individual(s) awarded and represent The Citadel and its Core Values of Honor, Duty, and Respect in their private and professional life.

The recipient must be any Alumnus/Alumna of the Corps of Cadets, Active Duty, Veteran, or CGC and a member in good standing of The CAA at the time he/she is nominated for the award. The Alumnus/Alumna of the Year is an alumni selected for rendering unusual and conspicuous service to The Citadel and to The CAA, or an act of humanity, heroic effort, or service to the nation, city, or state. This award is subordinate to the Distinguished Life Member award, but higher than the Young Alumnus of the Year.

Nominations for this award shall include detailed and specific information on each of the above criteria.

This award is presented to recipients at an event held by The CAA during Homecoming Week and recognized in the Alumni News.

Previous Recipients

Recipient (Class)Year Presented
Dennis D. Nicholson, Jr.1976
T. Les McElwee, 19531977
James A. Grimsley, Jr., 19421978
Joel J. Lake, 19631979
William W. Wannamaker, Jr., 19191980
William F. Prioleau, Jr., 19431981
Thomas S. Linton, 19681982
Larry J. Ferguson, 19731983
Henry A. Kennedy, Jr., 19701984
George C. James, 19491985
James E. Jones, Jr., 19581986
Floyd W. Brown, Jr., 19551987
Charles Lindbergh, 19581988
Joseph P. Riley, Jr., 19641989
W. LeRoy Harrelson, 19431990
E. Bart Daniel, 19771991
James F. Moseley, 19581992
Ben W. Legare, Jr., 19631993
Nathaniel A. Davis, 19691994
Stephen E. Buyer, 19801995
Charles G. Pearcy, 19601996
John Monroe J. Holliday, 19361997
Carroll N. LeTellier, 19491998
Roger C. Poole, 19591999
Robert B. Scarborough, Jr., 19502000
Henry W. Rittenberg, 19382001
Edward W. Steers III, 19682002
David A. Sikes, 19662003
H. H. “Harry” van Bergen, 19572004
T. Nugent Courvoisie, 19382005
Thomas R. Culler, 19502006
Theodore T. Curtis, 19642007
James B. Culbertson, 19602008
F. Lynn Foltz, 19652009
Edward B. Carter, 19662010
Eric M. Bailey, 19842011
Lawrence D. Nicholson, 19792012
L. William Krause, 19632013
James H. McDaniel, Sr., CGC, 19762014
John A. Olshefski, 19802015
Alfred R. Kennickell, Jr., 19772016
Mr. Carmine Pecorelli, 19542017
Douglas E. Kelley, 19822018
Marion H. Smoak, 19382019
Bruce C. Alexander, 19822020
David D. Delk, 19982021
John “Turkey” Moore, 19712022
John L. Rasberry, 19572023