This award will be used to recognize a Citadel Club of the Year whose work is significant, extraordinary and beyond that normally expected from other clubs for the period 1 July of the preceding year through 1 July of the current year.

The nominees for Citadel Club of the Year must have demonstrated the following criteria but are not limited to:

  1. Have demonstrated a continuing interest in The Citadel, The CAA, and in their community and must have contributed time, talent or philanthropic support to one or more programs to benefit The Citadel and The CAA.
  2. Be a club whose actions reflects and recognizes the importance of their education at The Citadel and exemplifies its Core Values of Honor, Duty, and Respect.
  3. The Club must have received the Gold Star Award by for the current year. (Please see the Gold Star requirements.)
  4. Have an active website/social media profile with current events and accomplishments.
  5. Actively engage young alumni in the local area.
  6. Have an actionable mission statement that reflects the Core Values of The Citadel.
  7. Have a fundraising / “friendraising” event that has contributed time, talent or philanthropic support to one or more programs that benefits The Citadel, the Corps of Cadets, the faculty, staff, students, and/or The CAA.
  8. Has had a continued effort to increase The CAA membership within their club.
  9. The amount of annual involvement reported by the club is a significant factor in being considered for the Club of the Year award.
  10. Evidence of engagement in activities that promote The Citadel and The CAA through support to community good works, charities, and local organizations. (Examples could include but are not limited to include members participating in: food drives, habitat for humanity, volunteering at a local shelter, USO, local animal shelters, etc.)

Nominations for this award shall include detailed and specific information on each of the above criteria.

This award is presented to recipients at an event held by The CAA during Homecoming Week and recognized in the Alumni News. 

NameYear Awarded
Citadel Club of Greater Washington2005
The Atlanta Citadel Club2006
Charlotte Area Citadel Club2007
Summerville Citadel Club2008
Greenville Citadel Club2009
Citadel Club of Greater Washington2010
Citadel Club of Greater Columbia2011
Tennessee Valley Citadel Club2012
Pittsburgh Area Citadel Club2013
Atlanta Citadel Club2014
Citadel Club of Greater Washington2015
Citadel Club of Greater Washington2016
Atlanta Citadel Club2017
Tennessee Valley Citadel Club2019
Citadel Club of Greater Washington2020
Spartanburg Area Citadel Club2021
Greater Greenville Citadel Club2022
Citadel Club of Greater Washington2023