The first annual Citadel Alumni Muster was held in 1998. It was an Alumni Association initiative designed to facilitate an annual coming together of all alumni of the institution, with the purpose of recognizing those in the long gray line of the South Carolina Corps of Cadets who have passed away during the preceding year.

The tradition of Texas A&M, which has conducted Musters since 1883, has been used to develop a new tradition for The Citadel. In honoring those who can no longer stand formation, the event creates a rallying point for alumni. This simplifies the process of getting alumni together by establishing a set date for the rendezvous.

Alumni will come to know that the Muster is always on an exact date — Corps Day, March 20th — no matter what day of the week it occurs. In that regard, the Muster is indeed a formation. All graduates and former members of the Corps are expected to report. No matter where in the world you are on March 20th, find the Muster. Wherever two or more Citadel graduates are gathered, there will be an Annual Citadel Alumni Muster.

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