Since 1846, The Citadel has produced approximately 60,000* outstanding alumni, with many having been recognized for influencing events and positively impacting the lives of others.

Having developed specific criteria for consideration as a “Distinguished Alumnus” or “Notable Alumnus”, The Citadel Alumni Association invites you to follow the links listed below to view the names and accompanying biography of those so honored to date.

If, when scrolling the lists of Distinguished and Notable, the biographies are read sequentially, you will discover the long, rich history of our college, presented as it occurred, in chronological order up to the present. All Citadel Alumni share an intense, deep pride in our heritage and the accomplishments of those members of the long, gray line who “made the history we now teach” at The Citadel.

*Over 62,000 Alumni: Over 32000 SCCC Graduates, and over 10,000 (estimated) CGC/Veteran/Night School Graduates, and an estimated 20,000 who attended for one year and left the college under honorable circumstances.