Simply stated, this is your opportunity to designate a final caretaker of your cherished Citadel Ring.

This program was established in response to numerous requests from families of deceased alumni who are searching for an appropriate use of this prized possession. It is presented to you as an option with the dignity and respect that accompanies decisions of this magnitude. 

To participate, the wishes in your Last Will & Testament would include appropriate language to bequeath your Citadel Ring to The Citadel Alumni Association for perpetual care. 

In recognition of this act of philanthropy, an engraved brick will be placed in a special area designated for “Band of Gold” donors in the LeTellier Alumni Courtyard at the Holliday Alumni Center. Additionally, you will receive a gift in kind notice for the value of the ring, as established by our ring vendor representative. Please consult with your tax advisor for potential tax deductions.

The Citadel Alumni Association would use these special rings for a variety of projects that would always respect the dignity of your generous gift. We are currently using the gold in the crafting of the current senior class ring, in essence creating a “Long Gold Line” of past, present, and future cadets.

Participation in the Band of Gold Program is a very personal decision so if you are a family member or loved one who wants to donate a Citadel Ring, please reach out to the Citadel Alumni Association via email at [email protected] to set up an appointment to bring your loved one’s ring in to the office or to receive directions on how to ship the ring to our office.