The Citadel Ring Design symbolizes more than just a cadet’s time spent with The Corps or a student’s time in the classroom; it symbolizes an experience that cannot be duplicated at any other institution. Order your Class Ring today to join the ranks before you to wear The Band of Gold.

Once you place your Citadel Ring order, your order is marked eligible by the Citadel Ring Office staff, it is paid for it in full, and we receive your payment we are then able to place your order with Balfour. Headquarters are in Austin, Texas and Balfour meticulously produces each order one by one. Every Ring must go through a rigorous inspection process before it can be shipped to the owner of the Ring. The manufacturing and production process takes approximately 10-12 weeks, but that wait is more than worth a lifetime of wearing your cherished Citadel Ring!

Add $25 to current cadet Class Rings to include laser engraved wooden box used at Ring Presentation.

All prices include sales tax and shipping.

Male Class Ring $1330.00
Female Class Ring $1025.00
1 10pt. Diamond $710.00
Wedding Bands 
Palmetto Tree$390.00
Small Plain $340.00
Large Plain$470.00
Large 1 10pt. Diamond
Tie Tacks$380.00
Lapel Pins$515.00
Cuff Links$745.00
Charm Bracelet$960.00