Welcome to the Class of 1974 Reunion! Information about the weekend events, host hotel and registration are below.

Host Hotel

The host hotel for the weekend is the Embassy Suites Ferry Wharf. Rooms are $249/night, plus taxes and fees. The deadline to book is July 11.

Weekend Schedule

FRIDAY.  3:00.  We have arranged with Chaplain Aaron Meadows to host us in Summerall Chapel for a solemn MEMORIAL to our fallen brothers.  Limousines from the Hotel will bring us there and back.  The service will last about forty-five minutes. I encourage everyone to be there for this touching tribute.  PLEASE wear your Navy Blue blazers with “Class of 1974” insignia patch to the Memorial (we will have a few extras with us).  There will be a class photograph taken at the Large Citadel Ring immediately after the service. 

We are elated that we will host eleven class widows with us for the weekend.  

FRIDAY AFTERNOON 4:00 – 6:00 Register at hotel and at Reunion Desk.  Get your one-of-a-kind commemorative SWAG BAG, football tickets, nametags, and incredible special gifts.  We will make provisions for late arrivals.

FRIDAY EVENING 5:30 – 7:00   Free Cocktail Hour.  Each of you will have two cocktail tickets (4 per couple) each evening.  If you don’t use them, leave them in the bowl up front for others.

FRIDAY Banquet 7:30-10:30   This is the BIG EVENT.  You will have food stations for all the delicious assortments you like, plus salads, and desserts.  There is a special program planned. 

SATURDAY.  Barracks open at 8:00.  There is a Summerall Guard Performance later, and a Parade at 11:00.  We are the HONORED GOLD CORPS CLASS at the parade and are asked to join in behind Victor Company at the end.  This time, we’re legal.  We’ll meet up at the jet closest to First Battalion.  We will be wearing matching shirts and matching vests [part of the SWAG], but not necessarily on our best behavior.  For Chuck Cordell, Rusty Booth, and David Holt, it will be their first parade.  Coach ‘em up, fellas!

After the parade, it will be time to walk over (or take the limousine) to the ’74 Tailgate Luncheon at the courtyard at Bastin Hall (just across from the huge Bulldog statue).  We rented the hall inside and out – for the comfy tables/chairs, the air conditioning, and the restrooms.  At about 1:30, we will line up (by the Bulldog) to march in from the home side (very close to Bastin Hall).  When we get on the field, they’ll salute our Class of 1974 flagpole yet again.  Enjoy the game. 

Football Tickets

Our football tickets have been prepaid by two anonymous classmates.  It’s their gift to you.  That gift, incidentally, amounts to $74 per couple.  Amazing donation.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  We are seated together, of course.  Yes, we have incredible classmates.


Given what we’re providing – and having two classmates buy your football tickets – your savings account we’ve suggested should handle $300 per individual, or $575 per couple.  We will need your registration no later than June 30.  

We do have provisions for those who are thin on the budget end.  It is imperative that you do not decline the reunion because of something as trivial as finances.  WE WANT EVERYONE THERE!  We can supplement or even pay your way, but you must let either me or Will Johnston know ASAP.  That information will be vaulted forever.

Tommy McQueeney (843) 297-5555

Will Johnston (843) 509-6183