Old School Blazer Company



We Are Olde School

The Olde School Blazer Company works with artisans, the Scottish Register of Tartans and the finest mills to design, register and manufacture your personalized tartan – giving your organization a visual identity that has at its roots the rich cultural heritage of Scottish Tartan. With the same attention to the exacting manufacture of our own fabric, The Olde School Blazer Company will take your existing design through the weaving and tailoring process to deliver a superlative garment, the equal of any of the Company’s client-specific creations for alumni, students, organization, team or clan.

With respect, creativity and the highest quality, the Olde School Blazer Company is proud to deliver products of enduring importance – products that represent values espoused by the heritage of tartan. The unique threads of positive associations are woven together into a fabric designed specifically to inspire the wearer and be treasured for a lifetime. All our garments are representative of the union between the beauty of customized and exclusive tartan designs, the organization that commissioned the tartan’s design, registration and production, and The Olde School Blazer Company’s commitment to excellence, honor and purpose. The Olde School Blazer Company is proud to create a timeless heirloom garment that represents the unbreakable link between the wearer of our unique blazers and their representative organization, for all time.