Moss, Mike Mike Moss Mike Moss 1921 ~ 2006 Mike Moss can be summed up with a pair of pants. A pair of bright, festive Lilly Pulitzer pants. He wore them. And was damn proud to do it. He was the self-effacing, matter-of-fact Mike who just wanted to have fun. Mike Moss was born in and spent the first 18 years of his life in Tokyo, where he learned to appreciate Japanese culture, to become fluent in the native language and to eat raw fish. He was very sorry that his dog, Peanutsu, ate the consul general’s Persian cat and the American ambassador’s pet duck. He returned to the states to go to college, but felt like an outsider in his own country. Because of bad grades and a bad car wreck, his father sent him to the Citadel, where, as a northerner in ‘the’ Southern military school, he felt even more isolated. He earned his commission and, when World War II broke out, served in the Seventh Infantry Division’s language team. He interrogated prisoners, helped talk enemy soldiers out of the caves on Okinawa and earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. After the war, as a salesman, he traveled the U.S. and the world and even had a brief stint as a bridge instructor on a round-the-world cruise. Mike married Virginia. They had a daughter, Leslie. Mike married Marilyn. They had a daughter, Holly. He was the kind of dad that goes on roller coaster rides and instigates trips to the local ice cream parlor. And, eventually, he became the old man who didn’t act his age, preferring instead to ski, snowmobile, scuba dive, travel to China and South America, and continue to wear those Lilly Pulitzers. Mike died early in the morning December 15. Services will be held Wednesday, December 20, 12 noon at the Wasatch Lawn Mortuary. The viewing begins at 10am. He is survived by his sister and brother, Margaret and Richard; daughters, Leslie and Holly; son-in-law, Peter; 16 month old dancing grandson, Zachary; and beloved cat, Fred, who plans to attend the services. We will miss him, his chocolate chip cookies, sausage soup, pants, and dry quips, like the one about the perils of aging he spoke just a few weeks ago. Well, said Mike, You gotta die of something. On behalf of Mike, his family would like to thank the people who made the last year a little easier, the staff of Caregiver Support Network, especially Mattie, Carlos, Shauna, Juan, Jamie, Tonya; the staff of Haven Hospice, Charlotte, Sandy, Kay, Stacy, and Elsa; the staff of the Wellington; the physicians, nurses, and staff of the podiatry clinic of the VA; and our deepest appreciation to Dr. Jonathan Nebeker for his expertise, compassion, and kindness. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Humane Society of Utah.

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