Bruce A. Popko, of Wantagh, NY, died May 11, 2019. He was the owner of Gateway Appraisals, Ltd. for over 30 years.

Bruce was a dedicated father who coached his boys in baseball, lacrosse, football, and wrestling and was also an avid golfer. He spent his time on this earth adding to the lives of others. Bruce had a passion for cooking and owned a restaurant for some time. He often told his family and friends of all the wonderful experiences he had at the Citadel and was proud to wear the Citadel ring every day. Bruce’s life may have come to an end, but his love, inspiration and legacy continue to light up our lives.

Popko is survived by his loving wife, Kathlyn, 1004 Douglas Ave, Wantagh, NY; three sons, Bruce Jr., Gregory and Alexander, and his sister Dianne Gomez.

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