Edward B. Carter

About the donor:

Was a cadet in L company. Retired USAF Colonel, fighter pilot. Flew F-100 C/B, A-7D, A-4K, A-10A and F-16 A/C. Flew F-100 in Vietnam from 1969-1970 at Tuy Hoa. United Kingdom Air Force Cross. Distinguished Flying Cross. Air Medal with 16 Oak Leaf Clusters. After retiring from the USAF became county manager in Dorchester County. Has owned commercial real estate appraisal business since 2001. Currently lives in Dorchester County. Past President of CAA. Distinguished Citadel Alumnus. Chair of Big Red committee within CAA and led effort to bring the flag to The Citadel from Iowa.


Preferred Sword Disposition: At the Association's discretion

This sword has been carried by:

Name Class of Year Carried Position
Huston Hall 2018 2017-2018 L Company Commander
Nicolas Cucinotta 2019 2018-2019 L Company Commander
Srijit Mukherjee 2023 2022-2023 L Company Commander
Zachary S. Sowards 2024 2023-2024 L Company Commander