LtCol Petra Seipel, USMC

About the donor:

1st female cadet to commission (USMC)

In August of '96, Seipel made history by becoming one of the first four women to attend The Citadel, previously an all-male military school. This opportunity became possible due to the generosity of the "Petra Plank Holders." The Petra Plank Holders, a group of Citadel Alumni and friends who donated money made her Citadel experience possible. She is very grateful to them for their support. Seipel distinguished herself in many ways as a cadet and was honored by receiving the Palmetto Award

As a senior, Seipel decided to join the US Marines. She faced a significant obstacle, as she was not a US citizen. She became only one of five people in the history of the United States who have received their citizenship as a special Act of Congress and shares that honor with Mother Theresa, William Penn, Winston Churchill, and Raoul Wallenberg. Seipel's occupational specialty is Aviation Supply. She has had many assignments that have taken her all over the world, including a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Seipel is a life-long learner and earned a Master of Business Administration degree with Material Logistics Support sup-specialty from the Naval Postgraduate School in December 2013. Upon completion, she was assigned to the Logistics Command at Albany, GA.

When not in uniform, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.


Preferred Sword Disposition: Female Cadet

This sword has been carried by:

Name Class of Year Carried Position
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Rebekah Earhart 2022 2021-2022 2nd Battalion RELO
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