William K. Douglass

About the donor:

I purchased the cadet sword my senior year at the Citadel, 1969. It was used for Saturday morning inspections (SMls) and graduation.

During parades, I marched with the Regimental Band as a cadet first lieutenant carrying a snare drum rather than the sword.

Upon graduation, I went to Ft Bragg for summer camp, receiving a commission as an infantry second lieutenant in July 1969. After my commissioning, I completed the Infantry Officer Basic Course (IOBC) at Ft Benning, Georgia.

Immediately after IOBC, I experienced a perforated gangrenous appendicitis. I spent three weeks in the Ft Benning hospital. After which I received an assignment to Ft Wainwright Alaska; then orders for Viet Nam. I did my Viet Nam tour with the First Calvary Division as an Infantry platoon leader and then 3rd Brigade support platoon leader.

After returning home; several moves and job changes, I managed to misplace my cadet sword or it might have been stolen. I wrote it up for loss. I could not imagine what I had done with it. Then in 2007; some 30 years later, it was returned to me by a gentleman from Liberty, SC who told me he had purchased it from a local pawn shop and wanted to return it. I naturally accepted.

The sword is in excellent condition but the scabbard has some wear and tear by those who must have used it over the missing years.

As for me, I retired a lieutenant colonel (LTC), Registered Nurse (RN), and still play music for enjoyment.


Preferred Sword Disposition: Band Company cadet

This sword has been carried by:

Name Class of Year Carried Position
Hunter Crawley 2019 2018-2019 Drummajor
Ryan Martin 2025 2023-2024 Drummajor