The Citadel’s Office of Admission, The CAA & The Citadel Alumni Recruiters (CAR) program join forces each year to encourage Citadel clubs to host summertime “Cadet Sendoff Events”.

“Cadet Sendoff Event” Club Registration Process:

  • Citadel clubs intending to host a cadet sendoff must register their event no later than Friday, 30 June. Club Officers (exclusively) should complete this list and should not do so until the event has been fully established to ensure a successful submission and prevent duplications.
  • Admissions will deliver a standardized email invitation to Incoming Knobs to attend each Citadel Club’s Cadet Sendoff Event, followed by local club engagement. The strategic benefits to this standardized first touch are:
    • Incoming knobs are at the heart of these events! As such, uniformity of messaging will ensure that all new Citadel families receive the same first touch.
    • The Citadel-sent email blasts can avoid spam filtering because of our Google Rating. This will ensure more attendance at these events!
    • Club leader assigned to event RSVP management will be copied on the “Admissions” Cadet Sendoff Event email invitation and will receive incoming Knob lists for follow-up communication and RSVP reconciliation.
    • Cadet lists contain privileged information and may only be used for organizing cadet sendoff events. Citadel Club officers alone should register their events and manage these sensitive lists. These lists must not be shared or used for any events other than Cadet Sendoff Events.
  • The CAA will simultaneously email both Club alumni as well as returning upper-class cadets the Club’s Cadet Sendoff Event invitation.
  • Club leadership can follow up with incoming knob families and take accounting of both alumni and returning upper-class cadet RSVPs. In addition, this Incoming Knob list should be printed off and used at the event to log all Knob attendees. We are capturing this to begin tracking the retention impact these events deliver.

Thank you for your support of these new Citadel families – we hope your events are a great success! In case you are new to hosting these events, below is some more info.

Cadet Sendoff Events benefits:

  • Increase cadet retention through the sharing of preparation wisdom, building local alumni support and the cultivation of the Club’s professional cadet/alumnus network.
  • Cadet sendoff events typically include upper-class cadets who are able to share some “do’s and don’ts” with the incoming freshmen.
  • Alumni fulfillment – “Paying forward” the benefits of a Citadel education is an important part of being an alumnus. Cadet Sendoff Events ceremonially launch future members of the Long Grey Line and are the starting point for long-term support and camaraderie.

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