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2014 Gold Star Club Requirements

Dear CAA Officers/Directors and Citadel Club Presidents,

The requirements to earn the Gold Star Award at the annual Citadel Alumni Association (CAA) meeting during Homecoming 2014 are listed below. Our goal is to keep the process as simple as possible, while ensuring that each club meets the standard set forth by the CAA Board of Directors.

Your completed annual report covering executed and planned events from the period of Homecoming 2013 to Homecoming 2014 must be submitted to the District Director representing your club's region for endorsement. Submit your reports to District Directors no later than August 26th to permit District Directors to review and submit endorsed reports to the CAA (ATTN: Gold Star Report 2014) no later than September 9th.

Your report must include the following minimum requirements in order to receive an endorsement from a District Directors:

  1. Ensure that the club is registered with the CAA and that a minimum of two officers’ names and contact information and the club’s website (if applicable) is included on the report. All club officers must be current CAA members.

  2. Report the name, phone number and email address you would prefer having in the Alumni News magazine. The contact usually is the club president or membership coordinator.

  3. Annotate the details of your 2014 Corps Day Muster. This should include the date of the Muster, place held, number of alumni and guests attending, and a brief description of the event. The Muster must be held on or near March 20th, in accordance with the Muster Planning Guide.

  4. Provide the name and activities of your club’s liaison to The Citadel Volunteer Recruiters (CVR) in order to support the college’s recruiting reach at college fairs and to build relationships with local high schools. CVR liaison officer information should also be forwarded to The CVR National Chairman, Mr. James “Jim” Mazzone, ’60, at 914-843- 6379 or Jim@Mazzone.com.

  5. Include details of at least one event held by your club that involves local-area cadets (e.g. hosting a local cadet at a meeting, end of the summer or freshmen send-off events).

  6. Report on at least one fundraising event or support given to a cadet team or club event (e.g. a club scholarship fund under The Citadel Foundation, hosting a visiting athletic team dinner, hosting the Summerall Guards, etc.).

  7. Provide the name and activities of your club’s Citadel Family Association (CFA) liaison officer who supported the CFA mission of promoting connectivity, increasing retention of freshmen cadets, and enhancing the visibility of the CAA throughout local cadet parent base. CFA liaisons should be parents of current upper class cadets. CFA liaison officer information should also be forwarded to Shamus Gillen, ’96, Associate Director of Admissions at gillens@citadel.edu.

  8. Document in detail at least two other events or projects your club executed as well as any other club activities or items of interest during the reporting period.

The amount of annual involvement reported by your club is a significant factor in being considered for the Club of the Year award. Award nominations also will be a weighing factor for Club of the Year; thus members who submit award nominations should ensure they select their club affiliation when submitting a nomination on the CAA website.


Thomas McAlister
Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs For Clubs, Facilities, and Special Events