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Nomination Rules and Review Committee

Members in good standing with The Citadel Alumni Association are invited, and strongly encouraged, to participate in nominating Alumni for election as "Distinguished" Alumni. Nominations will be accepted ONLY from CAA members.

The Distinguished Citadel Alumni List is an extremely coveted award reserved for a very select group of alumni. The Distinguished Citadel Alumni List Committee made the initial selections. Each inductee met specific and defined criteria, and each received the unanimous approval of the committee.

The Chairman will call to order a Review Committee on an "as needed" basis, but not more than twice per year. Any candidate can be submitted each year until selected, however it takes a unanimous approval to be selected for Distinguished and more than a 50% approval to be selected for Notable.

In order to construct a credible nomination process, the Review Committee will be instructed on the specific criteria required (see written criteria for "Distinguished" and "Notable on the Nomination Form page), and that "inclusiveness instead of "exclusiveness", and "principal over personal loyalty" are priority elements in the selection of nominee's.

To those alumni making a nomination, your participation is appreciated and highly valued. It is up to you, by narrative, to "make the case" for your nominee. Please keep in mind, however, that this process is a living, ever evolving, body of work that, indeed, has a small amount of subjectivity inherent in it. You may nominate the candidate for consideration every year, possibly building a better case each time. It is important to note, however, that every alumnus who makes "Distinguished" received a unanimous vote.

Please view, and complete the Nomination Form.